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Economic Geography of India- Set 2

Economic Geography of India PDF. Resources may be defined as materials which occur in the environment and which people find useful in satisfying their needs. Land and soil, forest, river, mineral solar energy, sea etc. are the natural resources. Man- made resources are machinery, transport system, artificial fertilizers and less tangible resources include scenery, a healthy climate and the skills and expertise of persons. All things which occur in the environment are called potential resources. For example, coal and oil acquire resource value only when their use comes to be known. In fact natural endowments become resources when man finds a use for them. Thus human and economic aspects of the world environment help us in attaining given ends to satisfy human wants.

Economic Geography of India PDF

Select the correct Answer

1. Primitive agriculture is synonymous with the system of

(a) transhumance

(b) shifting cultivation

(c) orchard farming

(d) primitive sedentary agriculture

Ans: (b) shifting cultivation  

2. The shifting cultivation in Indonesia is called

(a) Ladang

(b) Shuming


(d) Masole

Ans: (a) Ladang  

3. Agriculture as practised in one place by a settled farmer is called

(a) subsistence agriculture

(b) sedentary agriculture

(c) Jhuming

(d) monoculture

Ans: (b) sedentary agriculture  

4. Farming which includes the growing of crops and the keeping of live stock is called

(a) truck farming

(b) multi cropping

(c) mixed farming

(d) inter culture

Ans:(c)mixed farming  

5. Method of farming in which large amounts of capital and labour are applied per unit of land is called

(a) sedentary cultivation

আপুনি যদি আমাৰ পেজ পঢ়ি ভাল পাইছে তেন্তে আমাৰ ‘নিউজলেটাৰ চাবস্ক্রাইব’ কৰক। নতুবা আমাৰ ‘ফেচবুক পৃষ্ঠা’ অনুসৰণ কৰক বা আমাৰ “ইউটিউব চেনেল চাবস্ক্রাইব’ কৰক ।

(b) commercial farming

(c) plantation farming

(d) intensive cultivation

Ans: (b) commercial faming  

6. The application of large amount of capital and labour per unit of land for the purpose of rearing animal is called

(a) intensive livestock farming

(b) mixed farming

(c) dairy farming

(d) kolkhoz

Ans:(a) intensive livestock farming  

7. Specialised cultivation of vegetables and fruits grown farther away from markets and involving transport is known as

(a) commercial faming

(b) truck farming

(c) extensive farming

(d) sovkhoz

Ans: (b) truck farming  

8. An estate or farm in tropical region that is used for the specialist production of a crop such as bananas, coffee, rubber, tea, palm oil, sugar cane etc. for export to the developed countries is called

(a) plantation farming

(b) monsoon agriculture

(c) dry farming

(d) cone-crop agriculture

Ans: (a) plantation farming  

9. Spring wheat is grown in

(a) tropical region

(b) equatorial region

(c) temperate region

(d) moonson region

Ans:(c) temperate region  

10. International market in wheat is larger than in rice because

(a) rice is consumed where it is produced

(b) wheat is produced for export only

(c) yield per hectare of wheat is high

(d) yield per hectare of rice is low

Ans: (a) rice is consumed where it is produced

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