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Economic Geography of India- Set 3

Economic Geography of India Book pdf. Resources may be defined as materials which occur in the environment and which people find useful in satisfying their needs. Land and soil, forest, river, mineral solar energy, sea etc. are the natural resources. Man- made resources are machinery, transport system, artificial fertilizers and less tangible resources include scenery, a healthy climate and the skills and expertise of persons. All things which occur in the environment are called potential resources. For example, coal and oil acquire resource value only when their use comes to be known. In fact natural endowments become resources when man finds a use for them. Thus human and economic aspects of the world environment help us in attaining given ends to satisfy human wants.

Economic Geography of India Book pdf

Select the correct Answer

1. Largest producers of jute are

(a) India and Pakistan

(b) Bangladesh and India

(c) Brazil and Bangladesh

(d) South-East Asian Countries  

Ans: (b) Bangladesh and India  

2.  Cuba is the leading grower of

(a) sugar beet

(b) jute

(c) tea

(d) sugarcane  

Ans: (d) sugarcane  

3. Rye is the staple food of the peasants of nearly

(a) half of Europe

(b) USA

(c) Canada

(d) India

Ans: (a) half of Europe  

4. Cotton needs a

(a) cold climate with low rainfall

(b) temperate climate with lower rainfall

(c) warm climate with moderate rainfall

(d) tropical climate with heavy rainfall

Ans: (c) warm climate with moderate rainfall  

5. The best example of an industry which is located near the sources of raw materials is

(a) sugar mills

(b) automobile industry

(c) foot wear

(c) textile mill

Ans: (a) sugar mills  

6. The processing of agricultural commodities to form foodstuffs is an example of

(a) secondary industry

(b) tertiary industry

(c) primary industry

(d) heavy industry

Ans: (c) primary industry

7. The superior standard of living in Europe and Anglo-America is primarily due to

(a) availability of inanimate things

(b) higher use of mechanical energy

আপুনি যদি আমাৰ পেজ পঢ়ি ভাল পাইছে তেন্তে আমাৰ ‘নিউজলেটাৰ চাবস্ক্রাইব’ কৰক। নতুবা আমাৰ ‘ফেচবুক পৃষ্ঠা’ অনুসৰণ কৰক বা আমাৰ “ইউটিউব চেনেল চাবস্ক্রাইব’ কৰক ।

(c) efficient transportation

(d) agricultural development  

Ans:(b) higher use of mechanical energy  

8. Least cost industrial location theory date back to 1909 with the publication of a book on the topic by

(a) Alfred Weber

(b) David M. Smith

(c) Edgar Hoover

(d) Walter Isard  

Ans: (a) Alfred Weber  

9. Threshold refers to the minimum market size required to support an activity in terms of

(a) regional production

(b) long-term purchase contracts

(c) full ownership rights

(d) sales level

Ans:(d) sales level  

10. Bread manufacturing is an example of

(a) Large scale industry

(b) Small scale industry

(c) light industry

(d) household industry

Ans: (b) Small scale industry

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