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Assam Grade III Common Exam 2022: Preposition

Assam Grade III Common Exam 2022: Preposition


1. Simple Prepositions:

of, in, with, by, at, to, for, on, from, through আৰু up

(i) At, by, in, on our with এই preposition বিলাক স্থিতিবাচক verb (verb indicating rest in a place) –ৰ পাচত বহে। 

John is at Bristol. I sat by Dick. I walked in the garden. 

The book was on the table. The keys were with me. 

(ii) To, from, for, of, through me up. এই  preposition বিলাক গতিবাচক verb (verb showing motion)। 

Tom came from his house. Let us start for school. You come of  a high family. We went through the field. I went to London. 

“Jack and Jill went up the hill.”

Most-used Prepositions : of, in, with, by, to, for, on, from, at  এই নটা preposition ইংৰাজী ভাষাত সকলোতকৈ বেছি ব্যবহৃত হয়।

2.Compound Prepositions:

above (on +by + up), across (on + cross), along, amidst, around, before, below, beneath, between, into (in + to), inside, outside, within, without, etc. 

3.Participle Prepositions: Concerning, considering, judging, regarding, respecting, etc. এইবিলাক participle হ’লেও preposition দৰে ব্যৱহৃত হয়।

যেনে – Considering the circumstances, you are right. 

4.Double Prepositions:

From, behind the screen, from within the room. এটা Preposition অর্থ বুজাবলৈ যথেষ্ট নহয় বাবে এটাৰ বেচি Preposition ওচৰা-ওচৰিকৈ ব্যৱহৃত হয়। 

যেনে – The news came from beyond the Atlantic. 

5. Disguised Prepositions :

A-hunting, a-shore (a = on), o’clock (o = of), once a week, two rupees a day (a=on),

যেনে – We jumped overboard at 3 o’clock and swam a-shore. 

6. Detached Prepositions:

Objectৰ পৰা বহু দুৰ বিচ্ছিন্ন থাকে বাবে এইবিলাকক detached বোলা হয়।

যেনে –  Whom do you speak to ?

7. Phrasal Prepositions:

এই বিলাকে phrase ৰ কাম কৰে । যেনে – James succeeded by means of hard labour (by). James failed on account of his negligence (for).

Use of Prepositions : 

Preposition এ সদায় object ক govern কৰে, কেতিয়াও subject ক নকৰে।

যেনে – This is not the boy whom you referred to (who নহয়) 

একে preposition ৰ দুটা object থাকিব পাৰে

“O’er rough and smooth she trips along.”

কোনো preposition adverb ৰ দৰে ব্যৱহৃত হয়। যেনে – Please come in, I saw him before.

Preposition of Prepositions

Preposition শব্দৰ অর্থ placed in front of ; গতিকে তাৰ প্রকৃত স্থান তাৰ object ৰ পাছত বহে।

Object যদি Interrogative pronoun হয়, তেন্তে তাৰ prepositionটো sentence শেষত বহে। যেনে–Whom did you speak of

 Object যদি Relative pronoun হয়, তেন্তে তাৰ preposition টো  clause বা sentence ৰ শেষত বহে।

যেনে – This is a pen that I can hardly part with. , Take such a course as you will stick to.

Objectৰ অব্যৱহিত পাচ preposition নবহে 

যেনে – That is the book (that) I was thinking of, What did you go there for? (what for did……নহয় ) I Why অর্থত ‘what for শুদ্ধ হয়, যদি sentenceৰ বাকী অংশ উহ্য থাকে। 

যেনে – I was waiting for you. 

What for? (i.e., What were you waiting for?)

সময়ে সময়ে অনাৱশ্যক preposition ব্যৱহৃত হয়।

যেনে – Where are you going to? (TO অনাৱশ্যক), After having reached home, I wired. (After অনাৱশ্যক)

Some Important Prepositions 


Point of time বুজাবলৈ since আৰু period of time বুজাবলৈ for ব্যৱহৃত হয় । He has been ill since Sunday last. I have been here for a week. 


ডাঙৰ ঠাইৰ নামৰ আগত in আৰু সৰু ঠাইৰ নামৰ আগত at বহে। The Taj is at Agra in India. 


Future tenseৰ লগত in আৰু Past tense ৰ লগত after হয় । Fred will come in a few minutes (not after). Arthur left after an hour (not in). 

ON & AT 

কোনো নির্দিষ্ট তাৰিখ বা দিনৰ আগত আৰু নিদিষ্ট Point of timeৰ আগত at বহে। 

যেনে – I came on Friday at 5 o’clock 


দুটা প্রাণী বা বস্তুৰ বিষয়ে between আৰু দুটাতকৈ বেচি প্রাণী বা বস্তুৰ সম্বন্ধে among ব্যৱহৃত হয়। 

যেনে – The money was divided not between his two sons only but among all of them. 


(Beside=’by the side of’ : besides=’in addition to‘).

Inc. : Beside my son, my cousin also sat besides me.

Cor. : Besides my son, my cousin also sat beside me. 


(In=at the end of; within=before the end of )

The game will end within an hour (before the hour is passed). The game ended in an hour (at the end of, not exceeding). 


কোনো বস্তুৰ ভিতৰত অৱস্থান বুজালে in আৰু কিহবাৰ ভিতৰৰ ফালে গতি বুজালে into ব্যৱহৃত হয়।

যেনে – John was in the garden. Mary went into the garden.


Since আৰু from উভয়েই point of time বুজাবলৈ ব্যৱহৃত হয়, কিন্তু since মাত্র Perfect tense ৰ আগত বহে আৰু from যি কোনো tenseৰ আগত বহিব পাৰে। 

যেনে – John has started rowing from (or since) Monday last. John started rowing from yesterday (not since). John starts rowing from today (not since). John will start rowing from tomorrow (not since). 


Henry came back within an hour (not before),

Inc. : You must reach here within 8 o’clock.

Cor. ; You must reach here before (or by) 8 o’clock. 

Point of time বুজালে before আৰু by বহে, আবু period of time বুজালে within বহে। He returned within an hour (before নহয়) 


Doer বা কর্তাৰ বিষয়ে by আৰু যাৰ দ্বাৰা কর্তাই কাম কৰে তাৰ সৈতে with ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা হয়। 

The tiger was shot by me. 

The tiger was shot with a rifle. 


Except শব্দটি preposition আৰু excepting শব্দটি participle – ইয়াক মনত নেৰাখিলে ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা সময়ত ভুল হয় । যেনে – All went there except John. (excepting নহয়) 

Inc. : “All men are fallible, not except the Pope.”

Cor.: “all men are fallible, not excepting the Pope, or All men are fallible, the Pope not being excepted.” 

পৰীক্ষাৰ উপযোগীকৈ প্রস্তুত কৰা Preposition সমূহৰ বাবে তলত দিয়া ডাউনলোড লিংকত যাওক।

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